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September 2021

School is starting! Some of us sigh in relief, some are excited and rejoice, and some feel a bit  fearful. Regardless of your feelings, education cannot be ignored. Deuteronomy 6:7 says parents have a responsibility to “impress” God’s laws on their children, and Christian parents also have a responsibility  to share the “good news” about Jesus with them. Some things for parents to consider: Does your school  support your family’s values? Are you aware of what is being taught in our schools? Critical Race TheoryComprehensive Sexual Education, and the Theory of Evolution are dominant in some schools. Do you  know if, and to what extent, these are taught in your child’s school? Although we do not have  explanations of CRT, CSE, and evolution in our GLC Library, we do have several resources that may help you teach your children the truth about these issues.  

Who will be responsible for your child’s “comprehensive sexual education,” you or the school? A  Guide for the Christian Family Series, published by Concordia Publishing House, is a sexual education  series for parents to use with their children. Books for girls have red covers, and books for boys have  blue covers. Individual books are for specific ages—3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-14 years, and 14  years old & up. How to Talk Confidently with Your Child about Sex is exclusively for parents. Give your  child the truth about their sexuality from a Christian, biblical perspective.  

We do not have anything specifically about CRT, but two items address the idea of “race.” The  short pamphlet, Where did the “Races” Come From? clarifies what the Bible does and does not teach  concerning the various people groups on the earth. Twenty Evolutionary Blunders: Dangers and Difficulties of Darwinian Thinking has several chapters that address the issue of “race.” See especially  Chapter 16, “Neanderthals Were Subhuman in Imagination Only.” 

Many people give up faith in God because they think evolution has been proven, but it has not.  [FYI: a scientific theory is one that can be tested and observed to be true or false, and it must be  repeatable.] Evolution is no more repeatable than creation, therefore it also must be accepted by faith;  it is not a real theory. Don’t let your children fall into its trap. We have several books, pamphlets, and  DVDs on this subject for adults and children, which are displayed below the new books from last month  and this month. The books I especially enjoyed reading are Taking Back Astronomy by Jason Lisle, Ph.D  for adults and The Answers Book for Kids, Vol. 1-3 for children. We also have 14 DVDs on various  science topics. Metamorphosis about butterflies and The Call of the Cosmos are two of my favorites.  

Our two new items this month may also be helpful: Connections–The Sixth Petition: “And Lead  Us Not into Temptation” and the short book Truth and Education by D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. These  websites may also be helpful: and . The first is from  The Minnesota Family Council and the second is from Gateways to Better Education.


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