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October 2019

Fall is here! Sports and harvest seem to go together along with cool evenings, hot chocolate, and a fire. What could be better? How about a good sports movie, one that touches the heart!? (I know that’s not proper punctuation, but an “interrobang”, as one of my college professors called the combination, seems appropriate here.) We have four in our library and a couple more that have athletic heroes.

Woodlawn: The True Story of the 1973 Woodlawn High School football team’s largest football game ever played in Birmingham, Alabama, was also “the rise of superstar, Tony Nathan.” Facing the Giants is another story about a high school football team. Their coach needs to turn to God before the team can break the streak of losing seasons. Both are inspirational movies. The Pistol, according to the producer of Facing the Giants, Alex Kendrick, is “a real inspiration.” It is the true story of a teenager who had the dream of becoming “the greatest basketball player ever.” The combination of a parent dedicated to his child and a youngster who was determined to succeed made it possible for Pete Maravich to become an NBA All-Star and Hall-of-Famer. Not only is this movie inspirational, but the bonus material reveals faith in God that helped Pete face challenges and become “one of the most admired and respected athletes in the world.” Soul Surfer is the story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who became a surfing champion despite losing an arm in a shark attack. We may not have any sharks swimming in our Minnesota lakes, but we all face unexpected obstacles. Faith in God and determination brought Bethany victory. This DVD also contains interesting bonus material, including an interview with Bethany.

The last two movies are not actually sports stories, but they are excellent stories about overcoming. Where Hope Grows features a former pro baseball player with “self-destructive” habits, who changes when he meets a young man with Down Syndrome. In Spirit Rider, a young teen helps his grandfather capture and break a wild stallion. The boy also learns the power of forgiveness.

If you have a favorite sports movie that we don’t have, put a note in the DVD return drawer, or donate the movie to the library.


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